Emco's High Speed Cam Driven Lockstitch Machines

The Emco Lockstitch Quilters are synonymous with the enduring performance and quality found and expected in machines built by Edgewater Machine Company, Inc. Emco designs its machines to be easy to build, easy to service and above all, extremely reliable and strong. Emco’s philosophy is pretty simple, we build machines that we would buy ourselves and we’re proud of that.

Emco's 1x3 Two Needle Bar Machine

The original 1x3 High Speed Lockstitch Machine has been around since 1944. With continual improvements made every year, this versatile machine can quilt goods ranging in thickness from 1/8” (3.17mm) through 2” (51mm). The type of material and filling that can be used encompasses the entire industry of quilter goods. These machines are used extensively throughout the bedding industry, sound proofing and insulation industries. The 1x3 can sew patterns with a length of 6” (15cm) and up to to width of 6” (15cm) to give the customer a uniform symmetrical shape to a pattern. The 1x3 has remained the staple of the bedding industry for fine quilting of mattress tops and most often used for multiple border quilting.

1x3 Lockstitch Specification Sheet
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Emco's 1x3x6 Three Needle Bar Machine

The 1x3x6 High Speed Lockstitch Machine was originally designed and patented by Edgewater Machine Company long before the competition started copying this unique design. Every multi-needle quilting machine manufacturer today has a version of our machine. This three needle bar machine can produce either the 6” (15cm) or the larger 12” (30.5cm) long design patterns. Using just two of the three needle bars this machine produces the same designs as the 1x3 machine. Then as you wish, you can switch to the first and last needle bars to produce designs that are 12” (30.5cm) long. This universal machine is actually two machines in one, and in the lockstitch machine market it is the most often purchased machine.

1x3x6 Lockstitch Specification Sheet
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Emco Computerized Option for Above Machines

Any of the above machines can have a factory installed Emco Compustitch Computer System installed during the building of the machine or it can be installed in the field at a later date. This computer system controls all functions with a simple color graphic operator interface. Self prompting screens allow the operator to intuitively operate the system without taking any learning classes or instructions. The system is self diagnostic and will not allow the operator to input any commands incorrectly. In other words the operator could not hurt or damage the machine even if he or she tries. The system will come complete with over 100 patterns.

The Emco Compustitch System will allow the operator to vary the speed of the machine, change the stitches per inch and adjust the width and length of a pattern design while the machine is running. A graphical picture of what a finished design looks like is presented on the screen with the choice of needle settings set by the operator. A diagnostic screen helps monitor functions of the machine as well as timing information, input/output screens, production monitor screens and manual motion screen for manual movements of the components when cleaning or greasing the machine.

Two input devices are utilized on our system for operator to machine interface. A Microsoft Mouse and a Keyboard are used together or separately to input changes to the machine. Either device will operate the machine completely giving the operator two redundant input devices.

All of the components used are off the shelf parts that you could purchase from your own vendor or from us. We never use special or proprietary parts for our machines. And replacement parts, if you should ever need one, is available from us or the original vendor.

1x3x6 Computerized Lockstitch Specification Sheet
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